What's new and updated in My Image GPT: additional features, improvements and fixes

March 16, 2024

MyImageGPT, is continuously evolving, providing users with new features, improvements and fixes to optimize their image creation experience. In this article, we give you an overview of the latest updates to MyImageGPT, helping you stay informed and get the most out of this powerful tool.

Additional Features

The latest My Image GPT update saw a significant expansion of the features available to users. Among the most notable additions is an expanded image library, offering a wider range of visual sources to inspire content generation. Get more details at myimagegpt.com.

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New styles and themes

An expanded palette of styles and themes allows users to generate images in a variety of artistic styles, from photographic realism to expressionist abstraction.


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This diversity of styles and themes provides users with greater freedom of expression and creative exploration. Whether creating artistic illustrations, impactful advertising campaigns, or professional presentations, My Image GPT's new styles and themes features allow users to find the perfect aesthetic for their content.


Additionally, these new styles and themes are the result of close collaboration with renowned artists and designers, ensuring their quality and relevance. Users can therefore have confidence in My Image GPT's ability to provide high-quality suggestions that meet their aesthetic and artistic requirements.

Increased control over details

More precise control options for image details, such as lighting, textures and color variations, allow users to refine their creations and achieve more precise results.

In other words, now users can adjust a range of settings, such as image resolution, composition, brightness, contrast, and more, to get results that match exactly their needs and preferences.

This increased level of control allows users to fine-tune every aspect of their content to ensure it perfectly meets their aesthetic and functional criteria.

API integration

An API now available allows developers to integrate MyImageGPT into their applications and workflows, opening the way to new usage possibilities.

This API integration is accompanied by comprehensive documentation and detailed development guides, making it easy to integrate My Image GPT into existing applications or new projects.

Additionally, software development kits (SDKs) are available for a variety of programming languages, allowing developers to choose the tool that best suits their needs.


In addition to the new features, My Image GPT has received significant performance improvements in this update.

Optimized performance

One of the most notable improvements in this My Image GPT update is performance optimization, aimed at providing an even smoother and more efficient user experience. This optimization results in a significant reduction in processing times, enabling faster and more responsive content generation.

Image generation speed has been significantly improved, allowing users to achieve results faster and increase productivity.

Improved image quality

The quality of the images generated has been optimized, with better resolution, increased sharpness and a more faithful representation of details.

This improvement in image quality also results in better visual fidelity, with images that are closer to those created by professionals. Fine details are better preserved, edges are more precise, and colors are more vivid and vibrant.

As a result, users can achieve more compelling and aesthetically pleasing visual results, thereby meeting higher quality standards.

Increased stability

Model stability has been strengthened, reducing errors and artifacts for a smoother and more reliable creation experience.


Finally, this update also included bug and security fixes to ensure the stability and reliability of My Image GPT. Continuous efforts are being made to identify and resolve potential issues.


Various bugs and technical issues have been identified and fixed, improving the reliability and overall performance of MyImageGPT.

Wide compatibility

Compatibility with different operating systems and development frameworks has been expanded, allowing more users to access MyImageGPT.


The latest updates to MyImageGPT demonstrate OpenAI's continued commitment to providing users with a powerful and scalable image creation tool. With new features, significant improvements, and essential fixes, MyImageGPT stands out as a compelling choice for artists, designers, content creators, and anyone who wants to explore the limitless potential of generative artificial intelligence.